Green Acres Leather was founded by Julia Green. Julia has been doing leather work and selling gear since 2013. Her love for the arts started as a young girl; she would spend hours painting, drawing and crafting in a wide variety of styles – from to scratch art, to woodworking, and now onto leather work. Her love for leather genuinely comes from family roots – she has two Canadian cousins that are well known saddle makers and a great grandfather who was a harness and shoe repair man in the early 20th century.

Julia is committed full-time to her craft and is currently having a larger office built. This will allow for a larger work-space, a retail store, and a larger space to teach her leather workshops. She will also be offering Air B and B accommodation to those who would like to stay over after the classes.

Julia also trains horses and teaches lessons alongside her leather work. Each piece of gear is tested and tried on her own horses to ensure a great quality product!

Julia endeavours to keep the business small, as she wants to continue to create unique handmade products. Each product is made with top quality selected leather and cow skins; paints, dyes, seals, buckles and other hardware are top quality and are selected to last for years.

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