Line Dancing has been described as stuffy, gaudy, daggy and only for the grey-haired. One hard working woman in Oakey, Queensland is on a mission to change the face of it, one boot-scooter at a time, where there is not a diamante-clad hat to be found.

Amanda was at a cross-roads in her life. After the breakdown of her relationship, she had hit rock bottom. Dangerously low in self-esteem, social connections, and support, she turned to one thing that she had enjoyed as a teen – line dancing. “I used to do line dancing when I was 18 – before it was cool!” Amanda laughs. She found a local dancing teacher and started to attend – it became her outlet, her happy place, and soon her confidence began to blossom.

After attending classes for about 18 months, her teacher retired. Her classmates were at a loss, this lifeline of fun and support was gone and left a big hole. Something niggled at Amanda – “if not me, then who?” she thought. It was serendipitous that coincidentally, her local council was providing funding to promote health and wellness classes – and Amanda saw her chance and ran with it.

Her classes have now been running for 12 months, and single mum Amanda is the instructor of a community of people that meet weekly to have a bit of fun and learn new things. “It’s mainly women, but sometimes we get a group of young guys drop by that are just doing it for a laugh – surprisingly they are really good!” she chuckles. “We aren’t competitive, we are really inclusive, we aren’t intimidating, and we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously” Amanda explains.

From someone that not long ago was at a very low point in her life and found her joy in a bit of country music and boots, she sure has helped create a place where many others can let down their hair and do-si-do their way into confidence and self-esteem, together.

Amanda wanted to be a part of Cowgirls Gathering to help spread the happiness that line dancing brings her, and that she knows many other women will enjoy. 

Her sessions over the weekend will be beginner friendly, and easy enough that even those with two left boots will be able to join in!

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