Transfer Ticket Request

To transfer an Event Ticket to another name, please use the following process:

1. Please complete this form BEFORE the payment is made from The Buyer to The Seller;

2. Once this request is received (email will be sent to all parties) Cowgirls Gathering will validate if this ticket is in fact real;

3. Once the validation has taken place by Cowgirls Gathering; payment should take place from The Buyer to The Seller;

4. Once The Seller confirms payment has been received the original ticket will be cancelled;

5. A new link will be sent to The Buyer to set up an account and for the new ticket to be claimed.

All tickets must be the in name of the person that is attending the event, ID checks will take place at the gate on entry.  Cowgirls Gathering accepts no responsibility for tickets that are transferred outside of this process. 

This will need to match the original email address that purchased the ticket.
Please enter the ticket or order number that you wish to transfer.
Only if different to the above

Enter details below of who you would like to transfer the ticket to.

Only if required.

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