EDUCATOR – Matthew Clifford

We couldn’t be anymore excited to be bringing Matthew Clifford back to Cowgirls Gathering!

Matt has a background working with problem horses, colt starting and reined cow horse performance horses in Canada. Since being back in Australia for the last two years he has primarily focused on reining, winning many championship titles and most recently at ARBC Dalby.

Matts clinic “Reining Fundamentals” at Cowgirls will focus on Guidance and Steering along with an introduction to Body Control, Spins and Timing for a Softer Mouth.

Matt is available for lessons and clinics and is based at Allenview, Queensland.

This year we thought we would ask some “unknown” questions about our clinicians….

What is your ideal holiday?

Ideal holiday is always back into the canadian rockies, i love mountains, cold weather, somewhere with horses to ride if its really hot there should always be beach or rivers available for swimming!

What is something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I was a singer/songwiter musician for a long time, still sing and play occasionally and was a martial arts instructor for a number of years

What is on your bucket list?

One of the many things on my goals list is to travel with sled dogs in Ukon or Alaska

Favourite Food?

All food is great don’t make me choose

What song would you say best sums you up?

I cant think of one to sum me up, to hard a question…….but my fiance says “crocodile rock”

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