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This competition will be held on Friday the 30th of September starting at 11am!  In order to purchase a ticket to this Competition you must also have an entry ticket to the event (you can also buy this ticket and your entry ticket at the same time).  There is only division for this competition Open.

Click here to purchase your event ticket if you don’t have one already!  For full details of this competition see the below 🙌

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This competition will be held on Friday the 30th of September starting at 11am!  In order to purchase a ticket to this competition you must also have an entry ticket to the event (you can also buy this ticket and your entry ticket at the same time).

Division Information: (Open) This division is open to all riders & horses all horse and rider combinations will be competing in an open class. Only one entry is allowed per rider! 

Who will be judge be for the competition? 🤩 DARREN SIMPSON

Maximum number of competitors: 50 (Fifty) 

What are rules for the competition?

The horsemanship challenge is open to all riders. It is a fun way to challenge yourself and test your partnership with your horse. There are two elements to the horsemanship challenge: firstly there will be 10 obstacles to cross. There will also be a work out component where each rider can demonstrate their dry work skills by riding a pattern. 

 Each obstacle will be scored out of 10 – A score of 8 or 9 indicates the horse rider team had an outstanding Approach, Obstacle and Departure. A perfect ride would achieve a score of 10. This is a timed event with the fastest completion of the course scoring extra bonus points. However, speed without control will be marked down. The judges will reward good horsemanship over all other factors. 

 The judges will be looking for you to cross through or over each obstacle with minimal hesitation or resistance from your horse. On the obstacle, the judge is looking for a horse working on a loose or soft rein. Crossing straight will also be considered and you will be marked down if your horse steps off the obstacle before completion.  The approach to the obstacle is also very important and you can be marked down if your horse ducks and dives on the approach to it.  Departure from each obstacle is also important and you may be marked down if your horse looks to be running away from the obstacle. If an obstacle went well, the judge would expect to see a smooth exit and an efficient line being established to the next obstacle. 

 The upward transition should be smooth and on the correct lead for the line of travel. Leads are really important here but may not always happen within the parameters of the obstacle. A lot of riders trot out and acquire the new lead on the way to the next obstacle. That correct or incorrect lead will be judged in the overall horsemanship category. 

 Balance, cadence and confidence are what the judge wants to see coming into and out of obstacles. Smoothness up and down through the gait transitions.   In the dry work component, the judges will be looking for a horse that is willingly guided. Correct leads and minimal resistance through change of gaits and stops.  Simple lead changes are acceptable. 


Tack:  All tack must be traditional western or Australian.  Mechanical hackamores, tie downs, martingales, cavessons, drop nosebands and any form of gag bit or slip bit is not allowed.  If the judge deems your gear to be unsafe for you or the horse. They have the authority to ask you to change it or disqualify you from the competition. 

What are the age restrictions?

Minimum age is 12 years old at the time of the event.  You can make an application to [email protected] if you feel someone under this age could attend this event.  Everyone under the age of 18 at the event must wear a helmet when handling any horse.

When will be the presentation be?

The presentation will be held on Friday night on the main stage at 6pm, you are responsibility for collecting any prizes at the event should you not be able to make the presentation.

What if you can no longer make it?

Please notify us via email at [email protected] as soon as possible. If there is a waitlist your place will offered to the next person on the waiting list, once paid then your refund will be given.  If there is no waitlist and you are able to find someone to take your ticket, we will do a name change for free but only upto 7 days ahead of the event.   If this occurs in the week leading up or during the event please report to the headquarters and notify them of your withdrawal.

When do entries close?

Entries will closed when the allocation has been completed, once your order has been processed you will get a ticket number to the competition and this confirms your allocation to the event.


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Event Details

Date: September 30, 2022

Start time: 11:00 AEST

End time: 17:00 AEST

Venue: Kilkivan Showgrounds

Coordinates: -26.0407834,152.2357814

Directions: Please keep an eye on the program for any time changes and be ready 20 minutes ahead of competition start time.

Phone: 0477 727 272

Email: [email protected]

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