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Cowgirls Gathering Vendor & Sponsorship Manager 

Robyn grew up in the Hughenden/Richmond districts, from where she holds the fondest memories. She insists that that country is in her blood and will always be home to her. 

Robyn’s early childhood years were spent on cattle & sheep properties that her parents managed, she joined in mustering and as a little girl she spent hours practicing in the paddocks of “Lilyvale” preparing for the annual Richmond Gymkana with her family.

Robyn’s family were heavily involved in Polocrosse, her Mum & Dad were amongst the founding members of the Richmond Polocrosse Club. Robyn and her siblings started riding at an early age, and her brothers Bruce & Dennis,  her sister Sally all went on to represent QLD and Sally later represented Australia.  Gordon and Susan Nott, Robyn’s parents, were extremely supportive, as children themselves Gordon & Sue were not afforded the opportunity to ride the lovely horses they gave their own children to ride.  Gordon & Sue had a good eye for really good horses. 

Both of Robyn’s parents were keen riders, their horsemanship skills were reflected in their own horses, their horses’ well-being was always their main priority.  The horses that the Nott family rode had a wonderful way of going, this is the grounding that Robyn says she is fortunate enough to have to this day.

Life & commitments pulled Robyn away from competing, and eventually away from horses entirely for close to twenty years.  A beautiful friend, Michelle Evans, was the one to help Robyn jump back in, with the chance to show Michelle’s lovely ASH/QH gelding in a Stockhorse Futurity.  But a comeback and straight into competition after so many years out of the saddle did not come easy.  Even though as a kid she tore through the paddocks, she fearlessly gallopped  over bore drains or hooned up & down the sandy Flinders River on horses while playing with her brothers & sister, Robyn found it extremely hard to get her “groove’ back. She soon came to the realisation that she needed to invest time and finances into coaching and getting herself to clinics.  Robyn explains that to date it has taken six years of listening, riding, listening and a whole lot more riding to continue to learn and strive to improve the way she goes with her horses.  Robyn feels strongly about her journey, “I love it, it has been humbling, frustrating but by far it is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had throughout my life.” 

It has been a very special journey back into the horse world that Robyn has shared with her daughter Sophia & her husband Andrew. Whilst Sophia’s commitments to her year 12 studies have restricted her time spent with their horses Sophia has her sights firmly set on continuing to learn and develop her own horsemanship skills.  With the unwavering support of Robyn’s husband, Andrew, who himself decided to learn to ride last year, the Drake family have been fortunate enough to buy themselves some beautifully trained & well bred horses. Over the past two years the Drake family have been guided and supported by some amazing horsemen & women.  Robyn is grateful and feels strongly that this support has enabled them to ride the calibre of horses that they are now blessed with.  Robyn’s excitement is obvious when she talks about the road ahead for herself and her family with these lovely horses by their side and the friendships that the Drake’s have made along the way.”

Robyn knows that meeting Amanda & Naomi of Cowgirls Gathering was fate for her, she is adamant that if you stay true to your values and your mission you will meet your tribe.  “I am fortunate to have met such like minded women through our shared love of the horse and not just the competition but truly for the horse.” she reflects.

When Robyn heard about the concept for Cowgirls Gathering, she describes that it felt like “home” because she was drawn to the warm, collaborative feel of the event.  This is how Robyn fondly expresses her own explanation of Cowgirls Gathering, “This is going to be an event to give people of all walks of life, riders from all disciplines and levels of riding to come together, this is where they can celebrate their love of the horse.  It will reignite the flame for what it is about horses that we all truly love.” 

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