Hi, I’m Amanda

Hello I’m Amanda!  

🤠 This week we get to introduce to Amanda.
She is the powerhouse, the driver, the shepherd, and the Trail Boss of Cowgirl’s Gathering. Once a corporate high-flyer, she squeezed in saddle time between airports, business lunches, board rooms and hotel check-ins.
You will see her at the event, lanyard donned, iPad in hand, soaking up the various presenters in-between conducting the entire weekend. Seek her out, say hello and tell her what you want to see next year! We hope you enjoy reading about her journey.
Hello I’m Amanda Loy! While I didn’t grow up on a ranch, station, or farm, somehow this way of life was in my blood. I was obsessed, and when my first word came out being horse, it really set the scene.
My parents grew up in housing commission homes on the Northside of Brisbane. These days they are enjoying a self-made retirement and I could not be prouder to call them my parents. Growing up we never had much but we sure made good use of what we did.
Dad and I spent many hours binge watching old western movies, while I firmly believed that I was born in the wrong era. But I didn’t have to wait long before all my dreams of a pony came true! Just before my ninth birthday, a poker game changed things forever.
Thankfully, Dad did not fold them when he “won” a two-year-old pony named Sparky. A good play on my parents’ behalf, all I wanted to do was ride my push bike to the horse paddock every afternoon.
Wanting to work with horses, I aspired to be a strapper but after work-experience as a vet nurse at an amazing orthopaedic clinic, a position was offered. We all agreed a better career choice. After a few years the harsh reality of the job kicked in.
An overseas trip was on the cards when a chance conversation changed my path. A temporary office job quickly followed, my thought process was simple; more cash equalled less working overseas and directly meant more time to ride horses.
(Insert dramatic music here) Then enter the corporate world, project and programme management becoming my thing. I love to organise, and I sure love building high functioning teams. Mergers and acquisitions took my focus all whilst dreaming of the day that I would be riding across rolling hills on horse-back.
" When I tell people that my first word was horse and Dad won my first pony in a poker game, I'm sure they think I come from a long line of horsewomen".
When my darling daughter Taylor was hitting primary school, we started the journey of getting “back into horses”. Pouring through Horse Deals each month for the best part of a year, looking for anything that would catch our hearts. A very little two-year-old chestnut quarter horse named Dan was then seen in an AQHA magazine. It was not long before we had him at the local agistment.
Shortly after Shiney, a horse for Taylor followed. She really is the most amazing rider, that girl looks like she was born on a horse. She now lives in FNQ, and I take every chance I can to spend time up there with her. It’s just not for the awesome fishing, honestly!
Dan was “that” horse for me that helped me change. Starting to see things differently, I surrounded myself with similar minded humans. Travelling the world on annual leave, riding with anyone that I thought would “fasten up the process”, it makes me laugh now but that’s a whole other story.
My journey with Dan has continued for 16 sweet years. I’ll spend the rest of my life giving back to the horse just because of what he opened in me, I owe that horse that much.
We now have more horses, some cattle and a couple of Kelpies. With husband Shawn by my side, we have downsized the house and upsized the acreage a couple times. We have come a long way from his idea of living in a penthouse on the Brisbane River.
Now working less on those things that I’m no longer passionate about for large corporations, I would not change a single thing. Without all those chance phone calls, decisions, and skill set building, I would not be who and where I am today.
But for now, it’s time for something that is close to my heart. To create a safe space for people to connect, come together and enjoy the finer things in life. To have more chance conversations to be open to what is on the horizon and to ride forward.
This event could not be done with the love and support of a tribe. It takes a village and while my village is full of many people from all different walks of life, I love them all and would not be where I am today without each one of them.
So, if you, like me, love all things about the horse, this event is for you. We welcome you to our tribe, Cowgirls Gathering!

Amanda Loy


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