Ty Granger is a maker. He is a maker of success, of passions, of bridle horses, of silver, of leather and of family. His foray into the buckaroo world of long ropes, flat hats and rein chains came when he saw an advertisement for a “wade” saddle made my Chas Weldon in a 1979 edition of Western Horseman. As a young fella, he was hooked. Already an accomplished rodeo roper in his own right, he was curious about the beautiful, clean lines on this saddle, the big post horn and the ornate carving. What was it for? What was the story behind this type of gear?

From then on he went down the rabbit hole and has lived and breathed the buckaroo lifestyle, jumping head first into saddle making and tree making whilst apprenticing with Geoff Hutson. He built himself a wade saddle and began to learn and practice the art of “Ranch Roping” – where cattle are roped quietly and efficiently from the back of a proud bridle horse, and the big, round post horn allows the rope to slide and give if the animal should need more slack, whilst spreading the pressure over a wider area for the horse’s comfort and stability. Cattle are roped out in the paddock rodear or branding trap, not in chutes or arenas, and are doctored or attended to within their herd and released directly after handling.

Ropes of sixty feet are used, so skilled ropers can catch from further away, sometimes able to snag a loop on a beast before it has even broke out of a walk. Calm, quick, quiet and humane treatment for horse and bovine are the aims within this style of stockmanship.

Ty has spent his life dedicating his time and skills to learning, persevering and teaching the buckaroo style of craftmanship, Stockmanship and horsemanship. He is a renowned saddle maker, being the recipient of a Traditional Cowboy Arts scholarship to further his saddle making and silversmithing skills. He has hosted the likes of Jeremiah Watt and Dave Alderson at his home, bringing their knowledge of engraving and silversmithing to students in Australia. He has hosted Ranch Roping Clinics with Dwight Hill, and competed at the Brannaman Pro-Am Roping in California. Each member of his family are also accomplished rodeo competitors in their own right.

We are honoured to have a wealth of knowledge in Ty share his time and skills as an all-round maker and purveyor of fine things at Cowgirls Gathering.

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