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Kate is a veteran in the sport of Barrel Racing. Veteran not as in old, but veteran as having runs on the board. In a world full of the glitz and glamour or rodeo, she’s one that is calm and grounded. Her story shows how she has achieved such longevity and success in the industry.

Kate started to compete in local gymkhanas when she was about nine years old, but it was when she attended her first rodeo and watched the “beautiful ladies on their fast horses” that’s when she really fell in love with the sport.

The speed and the precision to be fast and smooth in the turns is something she strives for every time she trains on a horse or steps into the arena to compete.

Over the years, Kate has competed in a variety of equine events including campdrafting, Team Penning and other cow working disciplines. She needed a horse that could be as versatile as her interests, from winning a buckle at a barrel race one weekend, to taking away first place at a draft the next.

This kind of horse needed to have the mind and athletic ability to excel at these events. This is where the inspiration for her breeding program started.

She purchased Lethal Acres in 2017. “He is everything we wanted in a stallion to get this magic versatile cross of cow sense, speed, athletic ability and outstanding temperament. His progeny are now just coming of age and we are excited about their futures as cow and barrel horses.”

Kate is focused on the elements that make a successful barrel horse – but one that can be successful as an all-round competitor too – A successful barrel horse has to love their job, they need to be able to accelerate quickly and turn smooth and fast.

As invested as she is in what makes a good barrel horse, she is as focused on what it takes to be a good barrel racer – “I believe a successful barrel racer needs to take the time to learn the horsemanship fundamentals in order for them to be truly successful. To take one run at a time, learn from their mistakes and ride as many horses as possible.”

She credits Jo Fisher (former Australian Barrel Racing Champion now living in the USA) and Talmadge Green (NBHA World Champion and first male barrel racer to win in excess of a million dollars in barrel racing) as being her greatest inspirations.

Her career highlights include her international representation in the USA 2011-2013, Brazil 2013 and China 2018-2019.

We are fortunate to have the likes of Kate sharing her knowledge and skill with us in October.


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