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Coleychelle Farm is a bustling mecca of all things horses. 

A true family affair, it is run by the Hall- Perrin family, nestled in the Coleyville Valley in the heart of the Scenic Rim, Queensland.

It is here that the empire of Kennallywood Stud and Equine Rehab Centre as well as the Hair Test Labare situated – all owned and managed by Slim, Ali and Holly and their team of amazing employees.

A more devoted family to equine health and performance you would be hard-pressed to find. Together they have built their amazing centre that caters for all services in the breeding world, training and competition, racing and spelling, and health and rehabilitation. Chances are if they don’t provide it, you don’t need it!

Ali describes herself as the “backbone behind all the entities.” An accomplished horsewoman in her own right, she founded the Coleychelle Farm business close to 30 years ago with her husband, Slim Perrin. She “is very diverse, turning her hand to almost anything. Her passion is Hair Test Lab and Rehabilitation, she also is exhausted in the breeding season being the foaling out principal.”

It was during their earlier days that really got Ali hooked on nutrition and equine health. 33 years ago they came across the horse “Makita Downs Apollo” who started their journey down the rabbit hole – “He was the toughest horse we have ever known and we were honoured to have owned him. His form to function and his system issues led us on a search to where we are today. Having studied multiple therapies and kinesiology has given us the ability to provide the diverseness in combination with the best science and veterinary specialists we have available. Equine and human health is similar with regards to their systems. If a horse is unwilling or in pain their disposition and performance is compromised. There is not enough focus on nutrition, muscle systems and gut health
in all animals, however our passion is horses.”

So, with Makita Downs Apollo igniting Ali’s passion for Equine Health, it has all lead to the founding of Hair Test Lab. HTL allows owners to send hair samples directly to the Lab at Coleychelle, and the hair samples are then tested. These tests allow horse owners to get a good look at their horse’s health from a cellular level – find out which diet elements they may be lacking, and HTL then
customises a vitamin and mineral mix to each horse and posts it to the owner. This and a holistic look at the horse’s overall diet and wellbeing enables owners to optimise their horse’s performance and growth.

With their days starting at 4am for Slim to go to the local track with their racehorses, Ali and their daughter Holly begin the feeding up, and then it’s a hot cooked breakfast for everyone and the staff at 8:30am. Then Holly is then focusing on Kennallywood – conducting lessons, organising the breeding and training side of the business, whilst Ali looks over the rehabilitation and HTL and office duties. 

With many major accomplishments to date, including many race wins, Royal wins, campdrafts, Nationals and Futurities, it is clear the family passion and dedication to the wellbeing of the horse is certainly paying off. With many exciting new additions for the business being planned for the future, it certainly seems that this family has the recipe to success.

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