📢 Wandilla Hoof Care

Kylie from Wandilla Farm will be presenting a holistic seminar covering nutrition, hoof care and equine health. She is very much an advocate for open dialogue when it comes to chatting about all things nutrition and feet.  She likes to interact with the audience and answer questions as it’s a great learning opportunity for those that are interested in the complex world of equine nutrition.

She will be discussing equine appropriate diets and the importance of supplementation, the importance of managing horses with PPID and EMS, regular trimming and managing pathologies like seedy toe and thrush and hoof protection such as boots and composite shoes, as well as a trimming demonstration.

Kylie says: “I’m excited to be part of an event that’s showcasing passion  for the horse, passion for learning and I’m very excited about the Race To Ranch … it’s a very exciting time to be part of the equine industry.

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