Jeff from Tow-Ed QLD, along with Dave and Gary, will be “Talking Towing” at Cowgirls Gathering. Between them all, they have over three decades in the towing, caravanning and vehicle safety sphere, all providing education for people towing anything in Australia.

With his youngest daughter competing in Pony Club and eventing for 11 years, Jeff’s eyes were opened up on just how easy yet unsafe just placing a horse float on the road can be. This knowledge and interest in towing safety started in the early 1990s and from there became a passion and now a full time job to providing information seminars for anyone wishing to up their towing game. “I sit back as a driver trainer in low risk, 4WD vehicle recovery and towing and watch what happens on the road and just say ‘how do we not have more serious incidents on our roads!?’ I only hope that presenting at your event it will open a few eyes about the dangers of towing incorrectly, give people information about how to tow safely, and arm people with the tools and avenue to move forward in their towing goals.”

Jeff explains that although people struggle with reversing, parking, hitching, overtaking and breakdowns, one of the major problems that is overlooked when towing is weight compliance. He explains that weight compliance is a large contributor to towing accidents in Australia – and considering that there is one towing-related rollover on Aussie roads per day – he is doing everything he can to help minimize this problem.

At Cowgirls Gathering we are all about empowerment, and if Jeff can help empower some of you to happily hitch up and attend that clinic, be comfortable reversing into that tight spot at that show, or safely roll down that highway to meet your friend for a trail ride, then we consider him an important tool in all our tool belts.

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    1. Michelle that is an awesome question, thank-you! All demonstrations are open everyone without registration required. All classes and clinics will require registration for a spot to participate in them but anyone can still watch those as well 💛

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