📢 Ranch Roping

The term “ranch roping” refers to the practice of roping cattle out in the open or in a smaller pen, in order to restrain them for branding or doctoring. It’s not a spectator sport full of speed, rather a smooth, often slow activity where quiet, quick and efficient handling of stock is paramount.

A quiet, steady, strong horse is required for the task, as well as a rope handler that has an eye for detail to create minimal fuss within the herd.

Ty Granger will take us through the history of ranch roping, its relationship to fine horsemanship and stockmanship, and its useful applications today. He will explain how a horse needs to be soft in the bridle, nimble in the feet and responsive to the aids to keep the horse, rider and beast safe during the roping process.

A sport that often seems too advanced for the beginner, Ty will break down the individual elements of roping so it is accessible for everyone. Come and watch – you may even get inspired to employ a new skill with your own horse and develop a deeper relationship with your horse and horsemanship.

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