📢 Pasture Management

Karen Jarling is a pioneer, a grass-geek, a businesswoman and a horse-lover. 

With her family she runs CGL Beef – which stands for Green, Clean and Local. Karen uses regengerative farming techniques and has transformed her tired and dry 108 acres into paddocks full of abundance and life. 

Her talk on Sunday will delve into her journey into this style of land management and how is has changed her life and the health of her horses, her cattle, her family and her country. Her love of looking at horse ownership and land stewardship in a holistic way is infectious and heartwarming, and will be a talk not to miss.

4 thoughts on “📢 Pasture Management”

  1. Hi Karen, We have started building a wildlife corridor, we love the “The Weed Gardner and his friend who does Permaculture” I don’t know if you’ve heard of them? But, this topic is right up our alley! We should all be trying to do our best to restore our beautiful plant! Looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your methods. 💚

    1. Well, I love that you are as enthusiastic as I am Meleita!
      I’ve just found these message hidden in the bowels of the Cowgirls site, so apologies for seeming to ignore you.
      Good job on your plantings…fingers crossed we get an actual wet this year for it to flourish.

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