Jane is a Grazier from Far North Queensland cattle station “Amelia Downs”. Her passion for riding and the rough terrain means stock horses are a large part of station life. Thoroughbreds have however, been part of Jane’s life longer then station work has. Like many young Australian Pony Club kids she began her riding career on “Off the Track” geldings, re-homed and converted into show jumpers, dressage ponies and part time stock horses.

In her teens and 20’s a love of riding and a keenness to improve her horsemanship saw Jane first train in Australia under the watchful eye of Colleen Brook. It was there that she discovered a real love for the art of horsemanship. This want to improve saw her venture to Canada to work as a Ranch hand in Alberta and participate in roping, sorting, hunter and jumper classes and gain a great appreciation for the many ways to train.

Wanting to further her riding skills she moved to Germany in 2012 to work under Level 3 Coach and Trainer Elmer Lesch, focusing on producing young horses with solid foundations for the international market.

Since returning to Australia and moving home to the family property, horses have moved from competition creatures to a much needed part of the workforce. The station plant still maintains a few Thoroughbred mares scattered among the stock horses and they are valued for their versatility and temperament as well as their ability to still be with you at the end of a long day.

Jane entered Race to Ranch due to a strong belief that this breed have the versatility and trainability to do anything asked of them. With time, patience and a focus on strong foundations they can make excellent horses that remain versatile to all and any disciplines.

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