I don’t come from a horsey family yet I was very lucky to have amazing parents who allowed me to follow my dreams. 

My parents purchased my first horse when I was 7yo & I started riding at pony club then competed in English disciplines such as Show Jumping, Eventing, Sporting & track riding before finding my true passion for cow horses & moving into Western disciplines. I’ve competed in many different western disciplines such as Barrel Racing, Cutting, Team Penning & Sorting, Extreme Cowboy Racing & Ranch Riding & also worked as a contract musterer. 

I am also very interested in working towards the Vaquero style & Cowboy Dressage & I’m inspired by great horsemen such as Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt & Buck Brannaman. Following these methods has allowed my horses to be versatile with solid foundations & have a greater opportunity to compete in a wide variety of disciplines easily.

Many years ago I spent some time training OTTBs for several English & cow horse disciplines. Its always a great thing to see the transformation in a horse, knowing that horse now has something else he can achieve or succeed in.
I am always striving to achieve more when it comes to working with horses & competing. Race to Ranch will allow me to challenge myself, also giving me the opportunity to work with this versatile breed again after many years, & I am privileged to be part of this event alongside such great horsewomen.

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