My name is Amber Scriven. I am 25 years of age and I have been in the horse world since I was 6 years old! Do I see myself as a professional? Absolutely not! I see myself as a person that can ride a horse, try work out a problem and do my best to help- although sometimes it’s me with the problem, and the horse fixes me!

It’s been a long and crazy journey to where I am today- it’s not always been easy, but I think those challenges have developed me into the trainer I am today. My family didn’t have much money growing up, so the horses I had when I was younger were usually out of a dogger pen at the sales or an off the track racehorse. I have competed in showjumping most of my life; during this time I have transformed many horses from off the track and brought them through the ranks of showjumping, even up to Mini Prix level. 

Sadly, a few years ago I lost my main showjumper and best friend, and after that, I found it difficult to continue to jumping. I took a leap of faith just over a year ago, I decided to travel to America to do an internship with Craig and Cole Cameron. In just three short months, they didn’t just teach me the western way of riding, they reignited my spark and passion for horses that I had lost.  They taught me patience and to place my trust back in the horse, and with that, my love for horses was restored. I have recently been learning how to rope, camp draft, cut and ranch sort, and I have also begun to show jump again. 

This competition means a lot to me; I believe it is a fantastic incentive to show the world that there is a life for horses after racing, and they are far more versatile than what most would think. If I am able to change disciplines so easily and pick what I prefer, then why shouldn’t the horse be able to do the same. 

I entered this competition to set a challenge for myself, and to be able to help another horse in the process. I am very much looking forward to seeing all the horses entered and how they have progressed since coming off the track- this event is such a fantastic opportunity for so many involved!

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