2022 Race to Ranch Application

What is Race to Ranch? 

Race to Ranch is a unique opportunity to highlight the versatility, adaptability, softness, strength and tenacity of the thoroughbred in a positive and supportive way. 

At the end of the day the Number 1 outcome for this event is to improve the lives of these horses after racing and educate the public on what is involved in rehabilitating them.  Whilst Race to Ranch is a competition with prize money and awards presented on the weekend of the Cowgirls Gathering event. 

The competition is secondary to the journey that will take place for all that are involved. Mateship, good sportsmanship. Demonstration of patient and kind horsemanship, teamwork and support of other participants always come before the competition itself. 

Race to Ranch is a high-profile event, that is a major part of the Cowgirls Gathering experience. It is closely followed on social media by thousands of fans in the lead up, during and after the event. The off the track thoroughbred has touched the lives of so many horse women at some point in their journey.  

It is for these reasons and more that so many trainers have entered this competition. But it’s also a big commitment of all kinds of resources: money, time, and emotion. You’re acquiring a horse and paying to agist, train, and care for that horse through its transition to post-track life. You’ll experience highs and lows, training breakthroughs and possible soundness hiccups — and that’s just the road to Kilkivan.  

The weekend of the event is a weekend away from work and family with the expenses of travel. The tests asked of your horse at the Race to Ranch competition are not for beginner or casual riders and require talent, tact, commitment, and patience from you. 

You need to be your horse’s (and your own) biggest advocate. Because of the realities of training horses, you could put in all this work and your horse might tell you they’re not ready come October, or you might have something happen in your personal life and not make it to Cowgirls Gathering at all.  

Applications close 3pm on Tuesday the 3rd of May 2022.

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