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Directions – The event is being held at the Kilkivan Showgrounds and the address is 88 Mudlo Rd, Kilkivan QLD 4600. Kilkivan is 50km inland from Gympie.

Bump In & Out – Bump in before 1pm on Friday the 1st of October – Bump Out on the afternoon of Sunday the 3rd of October.  The event runs from 5pm on Friday until 4pm on Sunday 3rd, October.  It would be great if you could make it for the whole event, there will be a number of us staying on Sunday night (this will be the crew party night) so you are more than welcome to stay for the evening and Kick Up your heels.

Kilkivan Showgrounds Site Map – To view the sitemap please Click Here. When you arrive the friendly volunteers will be able to direct you to the Pop Up Village.

What to Bring – Here is a list of items you need to bring:-

  • POS
  • Banners
  • Trestle Tables
  • WIFI Hotspot
  • Folding Chairs
  • Marketing Material
  • Boot Scootin’ Shoes
  • Extension Power Leads & Power Packs
  • Marquee (with sides for weather protection)
  • A thirst for MARGARITAS & a whole lot of YEEHAA
  • Other incidentals (Zip Ties, Table Cloths, tool kit, torch)

ATM – There will be no ATM machines at the gathering so please ensure that you bring your own POS.  While there is very good internet reception, there will be no WIFI available to vendors so please ensure you are bringing your own WIFI device or hotspot. Due to COVID we are making this event cashless where possible.

Horses  – If you are bringing any horses, you will need to bring everything you need for them.  There are no yards or stables at Kilkivan Showgrounds however there is water!  Horses will need to be yarded in the “camping with horses” area that you will be able to find on the above sitemap.

Tickets – Everyone that is attending the event needs to have a ticket, this includes all vendors. If you don’t have a ticket for you and all your staff then please contact us to get this corrected.

Accomodation Options – There are a number of accomodation options for more information, please Click Here.  If you are camping there is ample area available. There is also a limited amount of space available with-in the Pop-Up Village Area for Vendors with Goosenecks and Vans.

Waiver / Rider / Horse Declaration Forms – To view the forms that Cowgirls Gathering will be asking each ticket holder to complete, please Click HereThis will need to be completed by everyone (including vendors), please print a copy and complete ahead of the event to save time checking in.

Program Times – If you are wanting to watch something over the weekend the entire program can be viewed by Clicking Here.   There are also a number of competitions that you can enter if you wish, you can see these by Clicking Here.

Meals – Food will be available for purchase from 5pm Friday through to Sunday evening, there are a couple of different food options and the bar will be running all weekend.

COVID – At this stage we have no reason why the event will not go ahead.  However, we will be working with those in NSW (Vendors, Educators and Competitors) to have a “plan b” in place just in case travel is restricted.  In the event that the NSW border is still closed, the event will still go ahead.  However, if SEQ goes back into lockdown the event will be moved to a new date in 2022.  All those ticket holders impacted will receive a full refund.

Gift Bags – Every ticket holder will be getting a gift bag when they come to the gathering so if you would like a brochure, product or anything else included can you please have these posted to Cowgirls Gathering PO Box 234 Fernvale QLD 4306.  These will need to arrive before Friday the 24th of September 2021, these can also be dropped off directly to either Robyn (Mt Walker) or Amanda (Fernvale) before this date.

NSW Vendors – Every day we will are watching the borders and have the same concerns with regards to them being open in time for the gathering.  There are many ticket holders that will need to be refunded if they do not open in time and vendors are no different.  If you would you like to apply for your refund now, we totally get it!  Please Click Here to provide the information and all refunds will be completed a week after the event.

Ticket Sales – We have always said that we would cap the event at 1000 tickets for the weekend.  However, we don’t want to shy away from the reality of where we are at with tickets sales.  And the fact that the border being closed, will result in tickets being refunded and it’s also putting others off doing so.

We feel that you all should be armed with all the information so that you can make an educated decision on your time / worth of this event.   We will keep posting the number of ticket sales here so you can keep checking back noting that spectator ticket sales went on sale Tuesday 14 September and we still have two weeks!  We are hopeful this will pick up those holding back due to COVID-19.  This year we are taking a huge hit financially and truly trust that this will turn around in years to come, we are asking for your support and it will not be forgotten!  Current ticket sales Tuesday 21st September 7am:  388 (without NSW tickets counted).

✅ Weekend Family 36 (9)
✅ Saturday Day Ticket 14
✅ Sunday Day Ticket 13
✅ Weekend Tickets 273
✅ Vendors Tickets 52 (26)

✨ Friday 361
 Saturday 375
✨ Sunday 374

So over the weekend the total audience (combination of all days) will be 1,110 ✨

Contacts – For any questions please call Robyn Drake 0413 470 170 or Amanda Loy on 0477 727 272 .  You can also email us at [email protected] or [email protected]  

To view vendor and sponsor information – please Click Here. If you have not supplied your images/marketing material can you please do this so we can get you advertised.  Thanks again for joining us at the gathering, we really appreciate it  💛 

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