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Well Hello Glampers!  

We are so excited that you are joining us and have decided to go ahead with Glamping.  We hope the information below provides you with everything that you need but if not please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]

FAQ –  There have been a number of questions asked over the last 12 months and we have attempted to answer them all here, please start to reading this 💛 Click Here.

Directions – The event is being held at the Kilkivan Showgrounds and the address is 88 Mudlo Rd, Kilkivan QLD 4600. Kilkivan is 50km inland from Gympie (see the map below).

Kilkivan Showgrounds Site Map – To view the sitemap please Click Here.  

Waiver / Rider / Horse Declaration Forms – To view the forms that Cowgirls Gathering will be asking each ticket holder to complete, please Click Here.  These can all be completed ahead of time and handed into the command centre when you arrive.

Program Times – All of the program can be viewed by Clicking Here.  

Bump In & Out – The event officially runs from 5pm on Friday until 4pm on Sunday but your accomodation includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights.  Arrival to the grounds is between 1pm and 5pm on Friday and check into Glamping is from 2pm to 5pm Friday the 1st of October and check out from Glamping is by 9am on Monday the 4th of OctoberWhen you arrive at the main entry and we will check your ticket and then direct you to the Glamping area.  To make the checking in process go smooth, please have either a digital or hardcopy of your ticket ready.

If you are staying without a horse, you can pull on into the drop off area and we will be there to greet you.  You will be allocated your tent and you can take your bag and anything else you may need and put into your tent. You will then be shown where to park your car for the weekend.
We will have ensuite showers and toilets ready for you. Your tents will have a battery powered lamp but you may want to bring your own torch, to find your way around at night. The tents are unpowered but we will have a charging station nearby. If you have booked the classic or deluxe package your linen and towels are included! For those with the basic bell, just a reminder to bring these items.
Glamping with a horse You may prefer to unload your horse first before checking into your tent.  If so follow the road past the Glamping, marquee and buildings and you will come to an area with metal yards.  We have about 12 of these put aside for you but can you please let us know if you are bringing your horse (by using the form below) and we will ensure that we have enough for everyone.  Some of these are the “small” size so if you have a larger horse you may still want to build your own yards.  Please note: The glamping area is a horse free zone due to insurance and your horse cannot be in this zone at anytime.

Meals – Food will be available for purchase from 5pm Friday through to late Sunday evening, there are a couple of different food options and the bar will be running all weekend.

COVID-19 – At this stage we have no reason why the event will not go ahead.  However, we will be working with those in NSW (Vendors, Educators and Competitors) to have a “plan b” in place just in case travel is restricted.  In the event that the NSW boarder is closed, the event will still go ahead.  However, if SEQ goes back into lockdown the event will be moved to a new date in 2022.  All those ticket holders impacted will receive a full refund.  For more information on our COVID-19 Checklist please go over to Click Here.

Gift Bags – Every ticket holder will be getting a gift bag when they come to the gathering.  Each ticket holder will be able to pick these up from the command centre when they get their wrist bands and also hand in their waiver forms.

Wrist Band – Every ticket holder will be getting wrist band, these will all be handed out in the command centre once you have handed in your waiver form. 

Ambulance – There will be an ambulance on site and first aid, if you require any medical attention at all please let an offical know, they will be in high vis vests ✨ 

Contacts – For any questions please e-mail us in the first regard to [email protected] or if urgent please contact either Amanda Loy 0477 727 272 or Naomi Lee 0407 983 889

Thanks again for joining us at the gathering, we really appreciate it 💛

Horse yard request form

If required please have this completed by Tuesday 28th of September at 9pm (any requests after this time cannot be considered).

Depending on numbers will depend on how many horses can be accommodated. With over 30 tents in this community (and up to four people in each) being sold we will do our best but cannot promise that there will be a yard available.
* This includes, food, water, and regualar picking up of manure.
We will do our best 💛
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