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Well Hello Ticket Holders!  

We are so excited that you are joining us!  We hope the information below provides you with everything that you need but if not please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]

Key things to remember are:

  1. Everyone (yes everyone) needs to fill in a waiver form, no waiver no entry, 
  2. Waiver forms should be printed and completed to save checking in time,
  3. Bump in is from 1pm on Friday the 1st of October,
  4. Have fun and when you can be anything, be kind,
  5. You must have a ticket to enter the event!

If you are either a, educator, vendor, glamper or volunteer and have not received your information pack, contact us on [email protected] and we will forward on the additional information to you.

FAQ –  There have been a number of questions asked over the last 12 months and we have attempted to answer them all here, please start by reading these 💛 Click Here.

Directions – The event is being held at the Kilkivan Showgrounds and the address is 88 Mudlo Rd, Kilkivan QLD 4600. Kilkivan is 50km inland from Gympie (see the map below).

Kilkivan Showgrounds Site Map – To view the sitemap please Click Here.  

Waiver / Rider / Horse Declaration Forms – Every (yes every) ticket holder must complete Cowgirls Gathering waiver form, please Click Here for your copy.  They can all be completed ahead of time and handed into Headquarters when you arrive.  There are three sections to the waiver forms and even if you are NOT bringing a horse and are spectating you MUST complete Part A.  These are the rules and is a strict requirement of the insurance folk!   

What waiver sections do you need to complete?  

  1. Not riding, not bringing a horse – Part (A) Only 
  2. Riding and not bringing a horse – Part (A) and Part (B)  
  3. Not riding but bringing a horse – Part (A) and Part (C) 
  4. Riding and bringing a horse – Part (A), Part (B) and Part (C) 
  • Part (A) Risk Warning and Waiver of Liability 
  • Part (B) Confidential Riding Application & Medical History Form 
  • Part (C) Horse Health Declaration 

Program Times – All of the program can be viewed by Clicking Here.  

Bump In & Out – The event officially runs from 5pm on Friday until 4pm on Sunday and your camping includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights.  Arrival to the grounds is after 1pm on Friday and checkout is before high noon on Monday the 4th of October (glamping tents need to be vacated by 9am on Monday). When you arrive at the main entrance and we will check your ticket and then direct you to either the Camping With Horses OR the Camping without horses area.  

Those that don’t have a horse and want to camp in the camping with horses area this is more than fine, however those with a horse are not allowed in the camping without horses area as this is a horse free zone.

To make the checking in process go smooth, please have either a digital or hardcopy of your ticket ready.  These will all be scanned when you arrive at the front gate.

If you are staying with a horse, you must bring with you everything that your horse needs.  This includes, poo rakes, water buckets, feed and your own yards.

Meals – Food will be available for purchase from 5pm Friday through to late Sunday evening, there are a couple of different food options, and the bar will be running all weekend. 

Bar – The bar will also be running all weekend and will be available for purchases from 5pm Friday through to late Sunday evening, there are lots of different options including MARGARITAS!

Water Closets & Showers  – We will be bringing in facilities to make your weekend with the gathering as comfortable as possible.  These are all marked on the site map.  

Power  – There is VERY VERY limited power at the gathering, if you need power then it’s best you bring either solar panels or a generator (there is a no noise policy which does kick in at midnight however).

COVID-19 – At this stage we have no reason why the event will not go ahead.  However, we will be working with those in NSW (Vendors, Educators and Competitors) and have a “plan b” in place just in case travel is restricted.  In the event that the NSW border is closed, the event will still go ahead.  However, if SEQ goes back into lockdown the event will be moved to a new date in 2022.  All those ticket holders impacted will receive a full refund.  For more information on our COVID-19 Checklist please go over to Click Here.

Classes, Clinics and Competitions – Please ensure that you leave enough time to arrive on time between these.  For competitions they will start with checking in (gear check ect.) and a briefing with the judge.  All competition numbers can be collected from Head Quarters when you check in on arrival. You will not be able to compete without having your wristband and competition number (given when you hand in your waiver at check in).

Gift Bags – Every ticket holder will be receiving a gift bag when they come to the gathering.  Each ticket holder will be able to pick these up from headquarters when they collect their wrist bands and also hand in their waiver forms.

Wrist Band – Every ticket holder will be getting a wrist band, these will all be handed out at headquarters centre once you have handed in your completed waiver form. 

Ambulance – There will be an ambulance on site and first aid, if you require any medical attention at all please let an official know, they will be in high vis vests ✨ 

Contacts – For any questions please e-mail us in the first regard to [email protected] or if urgent please call  0477 727 272

Thanks again for joining us at the gathering, we really appreciate it 💛

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